New Beginnings

Change is a good thing, it helps keep things refreshed and up to date and makes you evaluate why you have chosen to do something. So when Mac decided to discontinue MobileMe and not issue any more updates to iWeb I decided to change things around with my website.

I have been particularly slack in recent times about updating my blog (the last post was in March). But with a new website and a new blogging tool, which means I can update from my iPad – I hoping this will revitalise my blogging.

But it has not been without its tribulations, new web creation software and the new blogging site have all caused their own problems.

Currently I can blog via word press (and this entry was submitted via the iPad app) but my domain is still looking at my old website.

More googling is required methinks……..

3 Responses to “New Beginnings”

  1. Update – it appears to be working from my site. Hurrah

  2. Sarah Sykes Says:

    I can see it fine but do you know how to make it Apple Reader friendly on iPad/iPhone?

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