The Easy Life With Easyjet

When things go wrong or we are unhappy about something we shout it from the rooftops, tweet, post on Facebook, write angry letters etc etc – we want everybody to know. It feel like our own little piece of retribution for whatever perceived ill that we have been a victim of. But we don’t always make such a fuss when things go well or when we are pleased about something.

With that in mind I want to shout out about Easyjet, the oft maligned airline who revolutionised the aviation industry. I think they are really good and I am very satisfied customer.

I have been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling – a few years ago when I was lying all over the place for work I calculated that I had been in the air for a total of two whole weeks one year, so it is fair to say I know my way round a plane and have a fairly wide range of experience of the qualities or otherwise of different airlines.

And I would put Easyjet up there with the best of them. Paul and I went down to Southern Spain last week to catch a bit of sun before the long, grey autumn and winter ahead of us and we travelled there and back on Easyjet and once again I was hugely impressed by them.

We all know that they are good value, that’s how they made their name (although prices aren’t always rock bottom -our fares on the busy route to Malaga were good value, but not cheap), but the range of destinations and the frequency of flights also make them stand out. The booking process is easy (particularly for me as Paul did it!) and when you get to the airport the bag drop process is straightforward and usually without too much queuing.

At this point I would like to also shout out about Gatwick Airport, which always used to be a package holiday hellhole, but now, since it is under new management, has become a really pleasant and efficient airport – particularly the new North Terminal.

Although it does involve a fair bit of queuing, boarding is done pretty smoothly and if you consider how quickly they turn round their flights, pretty efficiently (although they are now about to start allocating seats – which may cut down the queues, but may slow down the boarding process) and it is at this point that you begin to notice the airline’s best quality, it’s staff.

In my opinion the cabin crew at Easyjet are some of the best in the business. I would put them alongside Virgin (who are brilliant) always friendly and courteous, cheerful, energetic with seemingly endless patience and who are also extremely hard working. Speedy boarding afforded me a front row seat where I was able to watch the cabin manager greet every single passenger by name, engage with them and make them feel welcome and at ease.

Easyjet is a no frills airline, they make no pretence to be anything else and for travelling short haul that is fine. In fact it is better than travelling with a “regular” airline – because if you want something to eat or drink at least you can buy it. Throughout the flight the cabin crew are visible and available to serve you and seem happy to do so (unlike some other airlines I could mention)

Finally, and I recognise that others may have different experiences, I find them reliable and punctual. I can only recall one significant delay and that was when a passenger had suffered a heart attack on the preceding service.

My only wish is that they would fly from London City as well!

So in a world of complaints and moans I am happy to give a big thumbs up with a thank you and well done to Easyjet.

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