Grassing us up

Yes, we could have tiled it. Perhaps even gone for decking. But where is the fun in that? We decided that the only thing to do was to grass our balcony. After all, we are on the top floor of our block of flats and it is a long way down to the gardens.

Ok, so its not real grass – but that’s even better – it doesn’t need mowing. And it will match the fake flowers and plants we have decided to put up there as our gardening skills are more Monty Don’t than Monty Don – everything horticultural we touch turns to death.

Wanna see how it was done? Watch this……..


One Response to “Grassing us up”

  1. Tim & Pat Gardiner Says:

    Love the balcony and very envious!! Love, Pat & Tim (Badem Tatil Ev 2014) xx

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